There is nothing that she hates more than wasting her time

There is nothing that she hates more than “wasting her time”.

Of course, for me, any second spent with her is the farthest thing from waste. But, in my book, time waste is impossible in general. It has been impossible since I realised what the content of life is. Or maybe what it isn’t. It isn’t to produce as much as possible. Yet, the argument of having control over one’s time, I do consider very valid.

What annoys me is waste in the context of capitalistic production. Time not creating, learning, self-improving in any way, she considers “waste”. How annoying. But just like they say: you love someone despite the faults, not because of the virtues.

Well, I do love her despite her production-focused mindset. But I also do love her because of her determination (among other things).

Interestingly, this determination is the other side of the same coin. It is the key skill one needs in order to be productive and capitalistically successful. This confirms that other saying: someone’s best feature is also their worst. This feature is her determination, which leads to both being into nonstop production (the “worst feature”) as well as being intelligent and creative (the “best feature”).