Should we celebrate acquisitions?

One of my favourite companies got acquired. I’m always trying to figure out if I want to be happy when a company gets acquired.

It’s usually acquired by a much bigger company. Founders and investors make a lot of money. Everyone looks ecstatic and everyone congratulates everyone else. But why?

Why should we be happy they got acquired? Presumably, because of the money they made.

Silicon Valley’s imaginary is based on that we improve the world with software and technology. Money is irrelevant. What matters is to advance as society.

It’s been a while since I started viewing the process of building a company as providing a service. Not as in system service but as in community service. Someone who creates a company is someone going out of their way to help people. In return for the product/service provided, these people pay money. Both to keep providing it and as a thank you.

So, when this model ends, I think it’s a sad day. People who really cared about something and dedicated themselves to it, stopped. Maybe they got tired. It’s ok to get tired. But probably not a cause for celebration.