Battlehack Athens 2015

This May I attended for the first time the Battlehack hackathon series. It was also the first time they were coming to Athens.

We implemented an Ionic + Sails.js app, which enables you to help people of your local community. The idea is to learn and teach people stuff, either for profit or voluntarily. The only prerequisite to participate for the winning prize was to use either PayPal or Braintree for payments, so we just used it for those who wanted to pay/get paid in the app.

Overall, it was an awesome experience. Braintree (the company behind the organization) had prepared everything. Tons of food present at every moment, which does not mean that there weren't also separate meals; coffee and red bulls, even massage sessions!

After the hacking ended we had to present our creation. Although our app decided not to behave for these crucial 2 minutes of our pitch, some people, i.e. sponsors, liked us and gave us two gifts for using their APIs.

Definitely recommended as an experience, it was very fun and I already plan to attend next year. The only regret was not sleeping at all the previous day, which resulted in ~60 hours of sleeplessness; at the bucket list of not to do again!

P.S. Highlights video.